Electric Motors Recycling

TKO Recycling is accepting a wide variety of electric motors of various sizes, grades, and types.  If you have electric motors for recycling, bring them to TKO.  We always paying a fair, market-competitive price for your electric motor recycling and have you in and out within 30 minutes.

Electric Motors Recycling

Electric Motors - Electronic Recycling Sacramento

Electric Motors Clean:

Just the motor, no plastic or very little metal around the motor.

Electric motor recycling - electric motors clean









Electric motor recycling - electric motors clean 2









Electric Motors Sealed Units:

Electric motor recycling - electric motors sealed









Recycling Locations:

TKO Recycling understands the importance of being green and is committed to working with, and helping the community, schools and businesses become proactive about recycling, which is extremely economically and environmentally smart. TKO Recycling provides service to Sacramento and surrounding cities.  TKO Recycling centers are open seven days per week for client convenience.

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